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Notes from the Classroom: NSA/Facebook Non-Fiction Article Discussion

Today I made my first stab at following a recommendation picked up from a recent reread of Mike Schmoker’s excellent 2011 book, “Focus”.  One strategy for getting students engaged in reading (non-fiction in this case), thinking, discussing, and writing about … Continue reading

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Notes from the Classroom: Pi Day 2014

Today, I witnessed something that I felt was quite amazing.  In front of myself and the rest of the class, one of my students accurately recited the number Pi to 60 digits.  Not ’16’, as I initially misheard the student … Continue reading

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On Teaching: Introducing Shakespeare in the Middle Grades

Background: This school year, in the second and third quarters, I’ve been experimenting with introducing Shakespeare to my middle school students. I’ve been slow and gentle in my approach, as it’s far too easy for anyone (let alone a 12-year-old) … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction: A Singular Choice

A Singular Choice I didn’t want to go in there. This was my choice, I know, but now I’m having second thoughts. I slowly made my way up the long, winding steps that led to the building’s main entrance. Why … Continue reading

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